Strzok's 'We'll stop' Trump text never seen by Congress

Editor Lifson calls it a "smoking gun" text.  FBI agent Peter Strzok made it clear in his exchange of texts with his lover, DoJ attorney Lisa Page, that he was fatally biased against Donald Trump's campaign for president.

Daily Caller:

One of the newly recovered text messages reportedly shows that Strzok told Page that "we'll stop" Trump from becoming president.

"(Trump's) not ever going to become president, right? Right?!" Page wrote to Strzok in an Aug. 9, 2016 text message.

"No.  No he's not.  We'll stop it," Strzok replied, according to Bloomberg News, which obtained a summary of the inspector general's report.

Here's the twist: Page's Trump is "not ever going to become president, right?" text was included with thousands of other texts given to Congress by DoJ.  But Strzok's reply – "We'll stop it" – that confirms his personal bias against Trump was not turned over to House committees until the I.G. report was ready to be released.

One of the text messages appears to show that Strzok promised that he would help prevent Donald Trump from becoming president.  But the message is conspicuously missing from a batch of thousands of texts that have already been provided to Congress.

A Justice Department spokesperson was unable to say why the message, which was sent on Aug. 9, 2016, was missing from the previous document productions. ...

A Justice Department official told The Daily Caller News Foundation that the office of the inspector general recovered the text messages using its own equipment rather than the FBI's.

The FBI has acknowledged that it was unable to recover tens of thousands of texts between Page and Strzok from Dec. 13, 2016 to May 17, 2017 due to a technical glitch.  Some of those messages were recovered and given to Congress.

The missing Strzok text cited in the inspector general's report was sent well before the glitch affected FBI servers.

The Justice Department official was not sure whether the Strzok text was deleted or whether they it [sic] missing due to other technical issues.

Incredible.  Wasn't I.G. Horowitz just a little bit curious about why this critical piece of evidence was withheld from Congress?  How can the FBI include Page's text to Congress but not Strzok's response?  Are we really supposed to believe in coincidence in this case?

The I.G. report on Clinton emails was ready to go in the middle of May but delayed several weeks.  I hope congressional investigators try to get their hands on an "unredacted" report.  It would be interesting to know what was cut or added after the report was "vetted" by the bureau and DoJ.

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