They must be joking when they claim political bias was not what guided Obama's DoJ and FBI

The Department of Justice's inspector general's report is out on the conduct of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in its investigations of President Trump, and incredibly, despite a mountain of misdeeds, from vowing to "stop Trump" to dripping contempt for President Trump's voters as poor and stupid, the report concludes there was no political bias?

Give us a break.

If there was no bias, why is it taking so long to fire and charge anyone?  Start with that.

That is as much BS as former FBI director James Comey saying that Hillary Clinton didn't have intent to break the law.  She was all good intentions, you see, and therefore just "extremely careless."  The way we all can get, is that it?  The woman endangered U.S. national security and allowed all of her communications, as well as the communications of countless people who worked with her, to be an open book to any predatory foreign power.  And it's now come to light that the predators helped themselves.

No political bias?  OK, then, let's take them at their word.  As Hillary used to say: "What difference does it make" why they did it?  They obviously targeted Trump and let anyone associated with his opponents, top Democrats President Obama and Hillary Clinton, off.  That is evidence on its face that the FBI and Justice Department were political arms of Obama, just as the media were.

Everybody protected everybody – except for the American people.  We were the only ones stiffed in this cozy setup, we who were paying for the whole nightmare and not voting the way they thought we should.

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