Separation was the law before President Trump

Rush Limbaugh said it best.  He opined that the reason why Democrats are mad is not that kids are being separated from their parents.  Rather, they are mad because a law (mandating separation) that has existed since Presidents Bush and Obama is now being enforced by President Trump.  Limbaugh also wisely opined that it was not the United Stated that was separating children from their parents.  Rather, it was the parents who illegally sent their kids alone to the United States, or who entered the country illegally, who led to the separation.  In other words, separation was an effect of illegal conduct and not a cause. Democrats and some Republicans will find it difficult to argue with the fact that the laws of separation existed well before President Trump took office.  Some of the time frames (i.e., for holding children) might have been a little different, but otherwise, the laws were the...(Read Full Post)