Desperately seeking an issue

For the record, my family came to the U.S. in 1964.  We were not asylum-seekers, in the way the law defines it today.  Back then, we were called political refugees, or people escaping communism.

In practical terms, it was not very different.  We were looking for a better life.

Over the last year, I have visited with many Venezuelans who now live in the Dallas area.  Most are intact families.  They applied for asylum and got it.  I admire their story because of my own Cuban experience.

It's great to see that they followed the law.  And it just proves once again that the U.S. is the most generous nation on Earth when it comes to helping those who seek asylum.

Like my parents, the Venezuelans are super-grateful for the second chance the U.S. gave them.

So why this story about the separation of families?

The Democrats and the "breaking up families" story comes out on the week that Gallup has some interesting news: "Satisfaction with U.S. Direction Reaches 12-Year High"!

We have not seen this number since September 2005 under President Bush.  On the economic front, we see this: "Black and Hispanic Unemployment in America Reach Record Lows."

So what do you do when people think the country is heading in the right direction and Hispanic unemployment is down?  The answer is: you manufacture a crisis about children being "ripped" from their mothers' arms!

Like any rational person, I don't want to see families separated.  However, those seeking asylum have to follow the law.

It's a terrible situation and the consequence of the Obama presidency when immigration was just a tool to pander for Hispanic votes.  Can you say "DACA" five months before the 2012 re-election?

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