Racism at Harvard: The war we fight against leftism

Two weeks ago,  the head of Harvard’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital , Elizabeth Nabel, yanked down 30 portraits from the lobby of the hospital. They are paintings of people who have made great contributions to excellence in medicine. Their crime? They did not have enough tyrosine polymers accumulated in their dermal melanocytes- excuse me, they were too white. These Americans who have rejected or never learned liberal American Judeo Christian values will, like Dr. Elizabeth Nabel head of the hospital call this a beautiful , progressive act of  “inclusion and diversity.”  George Orwell would recognize such wretched turning words and their meaning on their heads.  On the other hand, the millions of the rest of us who reject such Leftist poison, and embrace liberalism, call it what it is, an abhorrent, pagan, illiberal act of blatant racism. We reject such horrid notions. We embrace our liberal traditions which give no...(Read Full Post)