Obama's ethics chief criticizes Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Walter Shaub, ethics chief during the Obama administration, wrote that Sarah Sanders violated ethics rules because she used her government account to "condemn" the restaurant that refused to serve her. When I first read this story, I thought it was satire.  Imagine: Obama having an "ethics" chief.  Almost as funny as Hillary having an ethics chief.  As expected, this Obama Swampist criticized the brilliant and fearless Ms. Sanders for reporting on her government account that she was kicked out of a restaurant by the owner, who obviously voted for Obama and Hillary.  This is what passes for an ethics violation according to the Obama Swamp. Shaub resigned in 2017 from the Trump administration, probably before he got fired.  He referred to the USA as a "laughingstock" and is a persistent critic of President Trump.  He fits in with the Swamp "resistance." Shaub had no...(Read Full Post)