Nothing new under the Sun: The journalism-for-sex trade-off, revisited

The Senate Intelligence Committee's security director for the last 29 years threw it all away for a hottie.  Another Monica Lewinsky?  Kind of.  The chick was, and maybe still is, a reporter for the New York Times, and it was a full-blown affair rather than one of those deals where she had sex with him but he didn't with her. This time around, nobody's trying to pass himself off as a victim of a stalker or her the victim of a predator or him a Harvey Wallbanger and her a naïf.  It seems to have been a strict quid pro quo.  He got access to a young female bod, while she got insider intelligence that made her light shine as a reporter.  Stop rolling your eyes; it worked for a while. It's an old game that never fails a run by new players.  Each generation thinks it's clever enough to avoid detection and, worse than detection, getting ratted out and, worse than getting ratted out, going to...(Read Full Post)