Mexico launches a new round of meddling in US elections

For all the talk about Russia meddling in our elections, the real meddler, Mexico, is at it again.

The Mexicans have launched a series of retaliatory tariffs not on products from their country that have been subject to tariffs, such as steel and aluminum, or any import they perceive to be under-tariffed in its own right, but on American goods produced in regions that supported President Trump.  The Mexican government is specifically striking out at Trump voters.

Vox, which seems to like this sort of news, has the report:

Five days after President Trump imposed a new set of heavy tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum imports, Mexico hit back, announcing its own set of sweeping tariffs on US pork, steel, cheese, bourbon, apples, and other goods.

According to Mexican officials, they specifically chose to target goods from Republican strongholds, to hit Trump's party where it hurts ahead of the midterm elections.

Overall, the new penalties will affect about $3 billion worth of US goods.  The tax rates vary depending on the product, but most of them are high: There's a 20 percent tariff on US pork shoulder and legs, and some bourbons and cheeses will be hit with 20 to 25 percent taxes.

So they're using trade to change our politics and force us vote differently.

While I am no fan of the tariffs, and certainly don't think the leftist, anti-American steelworkers union deserves any succor from Trump, I am even less of a fan of Mexico's politicized tariff moves, targeted at specific voters, punishing those it disagrees with to make them pay – and, by extension, boosting leftists, the same leftist Democrats its own illegals are known to vote for.

Can't you just see them?  Slinking around, poring over trade statistics, looking for the actual addresses of U.S. manufacturers of goods bought in their country, maybe even sending their spies or "diplomats" to these counties to gather intelligence, and then matching these places of manufacture to a database of U.S. counties that voted for President Trump?  That's what they did.

Mexico has done amazing amounts of meddling in our elections, particularly the last one.  It was the only nation that openly advertised to its nationals to come over to its diplomatic consulates (not places U.S. nationals are allowed to go to) and register to vote in U.S. elections, something that in California undoubtedly led to a lot of Mexican nationals voting and the resulting cancelation of Americans' votes, meaning the disenfranchisement of American voters.  That's a foreign policy objective for them.

California, understand, does not check if voters are illegal and on its voter signature form and has slyly changed its "I certify I am a U.S. citizen" to "I certify I am a U.S. resident" to avoid prosecuting illegals for voting.  Mexico knows this well.  With Mexico registering the voters of what is not its own country, but a foreign country, you can bet a lot of illegal voting has come courtesy of the Mexican government.

The Mexicans also had a government-linked entity run ads in their own country urging their nationals to encourage their American relatives (not distinguishing citizen from non-citizen) to vote here in the U.S. – for Democrats, of course.

This is unacceptable behavior.  President Trump should tell Mexico's leaders that if they don't cut it out, they can expect plenty of retaliation on that front from the CIA's finest in their upcoming elections, and maybe they aren't going to like it.  Retaliation for meddling, just as for tariffs, can go both ways.

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