Lupe, Beto, and the blue wave

As we posted last week, Texas Democrats had their lowest runoff turnout since 1920.  It was shocking, and most Democrats are still trying to put a happy face on it, connecting that turnout figure with the blue wave. Today, we got an early indication of the "Beto vs. Ted" contest: In the banner statewide race in the state, the new survey showed Cruz had an 11-point lead over O'Rourke.  Fifty percent of Texans backed Cruz, while 39 percent supported O'Rourke in the coming U.S. Senate race in the fall.  Beto's 39% is just a bit better than Lupe Valdez, the candidate for governor.  She is losing to Governor Abbott 53-34%! Democrats tell me it's early and that Beto and Lupe are still unknown.  I buy the "it's early" part but not the "unknown" thesis. First, Lupe Valdez is very well known.  She was Dallas County sheriff and a huge critic of Governor...(Read Full Post)