Knife control: The lunacy escalates in UK

Gun control hasn't done much to stop London's phenomenal murder rate, given that criminals are frequently stabbing their victims as a result.  And London, as well as the adjacent rest of the U.K., has lots and lots of gun control. Instead of drawing the obvious cultural conclusions – that murder is something that lurks in the hearts of depraved people, quite apart from their access to guns, and often is fueled by a credible non-fear of punishment (check), U.K. officials have doubled down on gun control and gone it one better: knife control.  That includes a new measure just recently to force knife-makers to dull their blades in a bid to head off more murders. Kid you not, here it is, reported by the Daily Signal. The judge now wants rounded knives, just like children's scissors, to ensure that anyone running with one doesn't put his eye out.  This should do wonders for London's swinging culinary scene, penalizing its...(Read Full Post)