How do you solve a problem like Rod Rosenstein?

The ever so self-important Deputy AG, Rod Rosenstein finally came before the House  Judiciary Committee today, along with FBI Director Christopher Wray.  This particular committee has been on the case for many months with little cooperation from the DOJ or FBI.  It has been obvious from the beginning of all this nonsense that the higher-ups in both of these agencies feel themselves to be above the law; way above the law.   Rosenstein was all smiles and smirks, his disdain for the entire proceeding abundantly clear:  he abhors the Congressmen on this committee, and feels no compunction to cooperate any more than Peter Strzok did the previous day.  They both lied, dissembled, blathered and snickered at what they see as an inconvenient annoyance.   Rosenstein is a caricature of a bloviating, pompous little pajama boy that SNL might satirize if he were a Republican.  He claims to be a Republican but no...(Read Full Post)