How do you solve a problem like Rod Rosenstein?

The ever so self-important Deputy AG, Rod Rosenstein finally came before the House  Judiciary Committee today, along with FBI Director Christopher Wray.  This particular committee has been on the case for many months with little cooperation from the DOJ or FBI.  It has been obvious from the beginning of all this nonsense that the higher-ups in both of these agencies feel themselves to be above the law; way above the law.  

Rosenstein was all smiles and smirks, his disdain for the entire proceeding abundantly clear:  he abhors the Congressmen on this committee, and feels no compunction to cooperate any more than Peter Strzok did the previous day.  They both lied, dissembled, blathered and snickered at what they see as an inconvenient annoyance.  

Rosenstein is a caricature of a bloviating, pompous little pajama boy that SNL might satirize if he were a Republican.  He claims to be a Republican but no one on the planet believes that, any more than they believe Comey or Wray are Republicans.  This bunch has a plan, and to paraphrase from a great Fred Thompson line from The Hunt For Red October,  the DC establishment does not do anything without a plan.  The pretend political affiliations of the cabal that tried to frame Trump are irrelevant.  They are all part of the same gang of swamp thugs.

Rosenstein however is an entity unto himself.  Is he a sociopath? Hard to tell.   His false front is one of preternatural calm but watching him yesterday, no one could miss his barely controlled  fury at being questioned by those lesser beings for whom he has obvious contempt.  He bragged about being the boss of 132,000 employees!  It is a safe bet that many loathe him. He was wrongly appointed by Trump to be Deputy AG and is a fake Republican, the man who wrote the memo to Sessions advising him to fire Comey and is now investigating him for obstruction of justice for taking his advice.   

All this feels like part of a master plan in which many DC  swells are complicit.  Rosentstein appoints Mueller, this part of the plan orchestrated by Comey;  Comey leaks "memos" to his Columbia pal so that Mueller’s pre-planned appointment as Special Counsel would come to fruition.   It all worked perfectly, so they probably thought.  They were on the road to taking Trump down.  What they had begun in the spring of 2016 was going to  run its course and the President would be down and out.  This was a bi-partisan operation.  McCain and his ilk hated Trump presuming to set foot into their realm!

Rosenstein's resume may be impressive, as is everyone's in his circle of friends.  Who cares?  We have come to learn that most of these privileged wonks, our self-appointed nobility, are rather mind-numbed jerks without an original thought.  Rosenstein, like the rest of them, is a perfect representative of the  "expert class," except that they are historically wrong on all counts.  

They have all been raised and educated to believe they are the cream of the crop, superior to the rest of us who are deserving of  contempt.  They have  been born and bred to tell the rest of us how to live.  The American people finally had their fill of these "betters" and elected Trump, the establishment's nightmare -- an outsider.  His victory was a win for the American people who love their country.  Rosenstein, like Obama, sees the US as needing to be transformed or at the very least,  the people must be better ruled.  The Constitution, in their view, allows far too much liberty for individuals.

How do we solve a problem like Rosenstein and tamp down the controlling sensibilities of the American left?  They have to be defeated, completely.  Such people have no business telling our elected officials what they can and cannot have access to.  This is not the Soviet Union or East Germany before the fall of the wall.  Their hollow claims of "confidentiality" are bogus. They are covering up their own grievous crimes against the nation.  It was our own FBI, DOJ, and CIA who colluded  with one another and a host of nefarious, underworld informants in an attempt to bring down a legitimate Presidential candidate, and then a President-elect.  Rosenstein lied through throughout that hearing.  Wray was incidental; he is no leader equipped to reform the FBI.  It is as though they all are aware of how corrupt each agency is and they are all afraid for themselves and their cushy jobs.  Not one of them cares about the country, the Constitution or what is right and honorable.

Photo credit: US Department of Justice

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