Christopher Cuomo surpasses Juan Williams in stupidity

Years ago, when Saturday Night Live was funny, Bill Murray did a skit in Spanish titled, "¿Quién es más macho, Fernando Lamas o Ricardo Montalbán?" A current skit should be "¿Quién es más estúpido, Christopher Cuomo o Juan Williams?" Juan took the lead when he said he did not know about Chappaquiddick.  Imagine a longtime TV journalist who does not know about Teddy Kennedy, the Lion of the Senate, driving off a bridge and leaving Mary Joe Kopechne to die in the submerged car. But Christopher Cuomo, a worthy challenger, may have surpassed Juan.  Cuomo, the Freddo of the Cuomo family, tried to take on the brilliant and fearless Kellyanne Conway regarding the current Dem-media obsession with the enforcement of our border laws.  The Dems and media are trying to divert attention from the I.G. report of the corrupt Comey investigation of Hillary, which is tied to the corrupt...(Read Full Post)