Ben Rhodes insults voters and then promises them More Obama

Ben Rhodes is having trouble keeping his "narrative" straight these days. The former Obama spin-meister, deputy national security adviser, and creative writing major assured ABC News Friday that President Obama will hit the campaign trail soon for midterms.  For whose benefit?  Why, all those benighted voters out there who voted for a "cartoon reality show," he says.  Sounds attractive: "I think he'll be out there a lot more on the campaign trail in the fall," Rhodes, who maintains regular correspondence with Obama, told Powerhouse Politics podcast hosts Jonathan Karl and Rick Klein on Friday. This is pathetic, given Democrats' absence of new leadership.  They need Obama to prop up their own political fortunes, or they are toast.  Why do the Democrats have such a void of new leaders?  Well, because Obama pretty well sucked all the air out of the room for his fellow...(Read Full Post)