Ben Rhodes insults voters and then promises them More Obama

Ben Rhodes is having trouble keeping his "narrative" straight these days.

The former Obama spin-meister, deputy national security adviser, and creative writing major assured ABC News Friday that President Obama will hit the campaign trail soon for midterms.  For whose benefit?  Why, all those benighted voters out there who voted for a "cartoon reality show," he says.  Sounds attractive:

"I think he'll be out there a lot more on the campaign trail in the fall," Rhodes, who maintains regular correspondence with Obama, told Powerhouse Politics podcast hosts Jonathan Karl and Rick Klein on Friday.

This is pathetic, given Democrats' absence of new leadership.  They need Obama to prop up their own political fortunes, or they are toast.  Why do the Democrats have such a void of new leaders?  Well, because Obama pretty well sucked all the air out of the room for his fellow Democrats, as Rhodes seems to admit later on in the interview.  Democrats these days are ruled by gerontocrats redolent of the old gray men of the Kremlin because they're the only lizards who survived the Obama meteorite strike.  Now Obama's coming back, Rhodes assures, to reinforce the decline.  Seems the former president just can't stay out of the spotlight.  The lecture circuit and the billionaire vacays must be getting old, and the presidential library-without-a-library project in Chicago isn't doing too well, either.  So now there's the Comeback.  Supporting Democrats and basking in the limelight won't be all he does – based on the Rhodes interview, Obama's also likely to try to scrape back his erased "legacy," which the American voters rejected decisively when they elected Donald Trump.

Rhodes runs into problems with his news of More Obama by the end of his ABC interview.

The Americans who voted for Trump, see, aren't serious, he explains.  They're idiots, and their case is "tragic."  He undoubtedly head-tilts with Olympian detachment.  Tragic!  According to ABC News:

Rhodes also noted the possibility that "maybe the country just wasn't where President Obama thought it was," revealing that the former president expressed "frustration" and believed Trump could have not been in elected in the midst of the 2008 financial crisis and war in Iraq.

"In a kind of tragic way, because the economy was growing [in 2016] and we didn't have 150,000 troops somewhere, people were willing to sign up for a cartoon reality show," Rhodes said.

Cartoon reality show?  Did he really say that?  With the largest job gains in half a century and Americans finally taking home more of their own money because of tax cuts?  With the detested poverty tax on Obamacare gone?  With the border finally being treated as a thing?  With peace breaking out in North Korea?  With Syria knowing all about the difference between what red lines mean to Trump and what they mean to Obama?

Same old Rhodes, still spreading fake news and still insulting the voters.  Except that now he wants these same voters he has such contempt for to flock to Obama like a bunch of masochists.  Normal people don't announce a big campaign presence supposedly to win votes and then call their past voting choices "cartoon reality show."  Way to win them over, Ben.

Seems as though he's losing the narrative already, and he's not even out the gate.  He's getting rusty.  He's becoming another dinosaur.

For Trump voters, all we can say is "bring it on."

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