White South Africans have the right to exist

White South Africans have the right to exist.  They have the right to make a living and to raise families without being constantly bombarded with hateful anti-white rhetoric or subject to violent crimes.  This may seem like an obvious statement, but you would be surprised how many both black and white liberals seem to celebrate the suffering of white South Africans. 

Their dispossession has been steadily progressing since 1994.  As a group, they have shrunk from almost 13% of the population to 8% of the population today.  But it is only within the last ten years that their dispossession has been so celebrated by the media and prominent South African blacks as to be unnerving.  There have been calls for genocide by prominent South African black leaders.  In 2011, EFF leader Julius Malema at a rally called on his followers to "Shoot the Boer" and "Kill the Boer."  In March of this year, Julius Malema once again asked his supporters to "cut the throat of whiteness." 

It is astonishing how many black South Africans support Malema's hateful rhetoric.  One can see glowing comments following an interview on Real Talk with Anele posted on YouTube in 2016.  In this interview, he is never asked about his calls for genocide.  Instead, he is asked about his experiences with whites growing up.  (He claims to have almost none.)  One look at the comments section, and you can see that Malema is adored as a folk hero.  He is called "genuine," "authentic," and "hilarious" among other things.  How can this be?

The parliament in February voted overwhelmingly to seize the land of Dutch Afrikaaner farmers without any compensation.  The laws are currently being changed to make these land appropriations constitutional.  There is a great deal of justification for the systematic land appropriations which have already been tried and failed in Mao's China, Mugabe's Zimbabwe, in Castro's Cuba, and in Soviet Russia.  This script has been performed many times with different actors, and every time it has resulted in either the outright murder or the exile of the competent producers.  Once the food-producers are gone, there is always a dramatic and violent decline in the nation's food supply, resulting in mass starvation and misery.

Dr. Gregory Stanton, founder and president of Genocide Watch, has placed South Africa on level six on the genocide scale.  In stage six, according to this scale, "[v]ictims are separated out because of their ethnic or religious identity.  Death lists are drawn up.  Members of victim groups are forced to wear identifying symbols.  Their property is expropriated.  They are often segregated into ghettoes, deported into concentration camps, or confined to a famine-struck region and starved."  Stage six is followed by stage seven: extermination.

The anti-white rhetoric in South Africa is used regularly to dehumanize whites.  The Afrikaaner language and culture are under attack, and there are today open calls for genocide without much shunning from the international community.  This should not stand.  South Africa should not be allowed to liquidate its white minority without considerable opposition from the Western world.