Earth to Jeff Sessions...

It is staggering to witness the Justice Department go off the rails and barrel toward a showdown with our president over innuendo and manufactured misdeeds.  From the beginning of the special counsel appointment and despite Jeff Sessions's recusal, I felt confident that Trump and Sessions had a behind-the-scenes plan to navigate this quagmire.  Ridiculous was the notion that Trump's attorney general, Jeff Sessions, was not fully in his camp in light of the glaring double standards of justice demonstrated at every point from before the election to present day.  I expected the A.G. to pursue other completely legitimate avenues that might create leverage and pressure on Rosenstein and by proxy, the special counsel, to gracefully withdraw their aggression against the president.  And yet we sit here dumbfounded as the witch hunt lingers on.  Earth to Jeff Sessions?

A.G. Sessions has rock-solid ground on which to rescind part if not all of his recusal.  First of all, he and the rest of the nation were misled on the basis of the counterintelligence investigation, among many other things.  As it was recently made public by House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, the counterintelligence investigation was launched against Trump without any real intelligence or tangible evidence of a crime by any American.  Next, consider the FISA and unmasking abuses and the Comey setup to get the dossier into the news cycle and the list just keeps going on and on.  It's a historic fraud. 

There's too much information to cover all the DOJ corruption that is in the public domain at this point.  Does none of this compel the attorney general of the United States to take action?  Wasn't his recusal expressly for Russia-Trump campaign collusion before the election?  So why is he considered recused for the post-inaugural obstruction of justice portion that seems to be at the heart of the special counsel's investigation today?  Earth to Jeff Sessions: Your president could use a hand.

I agree with many who have strongly questioned the integrity of Sessions.  Joe diGenova, Rudy Giuliani, Gregg Jarrett, and Mark Levin, just to name a few, have all used strong language in protest of his negligence.  It's worth noting that some of these men are close personal friends of the A.G.  Nobody can understand what Sessions is thinking.  It just doesn't add up. 

Sessions is AWOL in a moment of national crisis.  What a shame, too, as many of us were so ecstatic by the appointment of Jeff Sessions at the onset.  I couldn't think of a more honest and stalwart conservative appointment that Trump could have made.  Sessions's behavior ever since has been a shocking disgrace.  Wait, disgrace is not adequate.  His behavior is meandering into the realm of treason.  I share president Trump's outrage on a daily basis.  This charade was completely unnecessary.  Its continued existence is a slap to the face of law-abiding citizens who voted Trump into office. 

A.G. Sessions could fire Rosenstein tomorrow on any number of grounds.  That would be a well justified first step in the right direction.  I wouldn't even suggest that the A.G. shut down the special counsel.  The political peril of doing so might be too great at this juncture.  However, he could state his grounds for rescinding his obstruction-related recusal and, if need be, cite example after example of improper behavior by the DOJ and FBI as supporting justification.  From there he could help orchestrate a soft landing to this mess.  Let Mueller write his hyper-partisan report, and then let the Dems in Congress howl like banshees for 15 minutes or however long their attention spans last.

Sessions is trying to take the easy path and stay out of the fray, presumably for self-preservation's sake.  What a fraud we got when the country needed a hero.  The president needs the stand-up guy we all thought Jeff Sessions was.  If he stood tall with the POTUS today, they would have the critical mass to defeat this collection of Clinton donors. 

Is swamp survival motivating Sessions to just sit back and watch this train wreck unfold?  Things far bigger than these are hanging in the balance.  The business of the POTUS is being impacted and diminished.  There are high-stakes affairs waiting for the attention of our president.  Instead of marching forward with the business of our country, our president is being pulled repeatedly into a foxhole.

Image credit: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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