Multiculturalism and its discontents

One of the benefits of immigration diversity, we are told, is that the exposure to different cultures strengthens the USA with new ideas and different ways of doing things.  Well, yes, in the culinary area, my meals now include such formerly unknown nutritious and tasty morsels as pizza, tacos, tea, hummus (Sabra brandespecially), and sometimes chop suey.  

But oh, dear, does my openness to diverse ethnic foods make me a cultural food appropriator?  Does wearing Greek fisherman's sandals transform me into a racist cultural clothing-appropriator?

And even worse, what happens when diversity, multicultural, and pluralist issues clash?  If one minority unintentionally triggers another minority, who is correct?  Who is correct when one minority group detests another minority group in inclusive America, where the people must all interact with each other?

Consider the plight of Israel's deputy consul general in Chicago, who innocently answered his cell phone in his country's national language, Hebrew, while riding in an Uber cab.  (Yeah, I know.)

Milner wrote in a Facebook post, "I just had the worst experience of my life. I was just thrown out of an Uber in the middle of the highway only because I answered my phone in my mother tongue."

He adds, "Ten minutes into my ride with no prior interaction between the driver and myself, it took only two words in Hebrew to get my driver [to] start yelling at me 'Get the [f---] out of my car!'"

He continued: "It did not help when I told him that I can't go out in the middle of the highway.  It was like I wasn't a person for him anymore.  When I asked him if it's because I'm speaking Hebrew he said yes and kept yelling at me to get out.  I am not easily intimidated, but that scared me and I ran out of there, walking in the middle of the road.

"I never thought something like this could happen in America, such awful racism.  This cannot be tolerated!"

An Uber representative agreed, stating, "Uber does not tolerate any form of discrimination. ... As soon as we were made aware of this, we removed the driver's access from the app as we look further into this."

Will the irate Uber driver sue?  Will the Israeli diplomat?  

The ever woke Richard Baehr adds, "What driver rating did the Israeli diplomat give the driver?  What passenger rating did the driver give the Israeli official?  Did Uber reverse the charges?" 

And most importantly, "can the driver be admitted to Starbucks's upcoming training session?"

Let's all cheer for diversity, pluralism and multiculturalism!  

Oh.  That offends  those who can't cheer.  Well, good.