What the left's anti-Second Amendment crusade is really about

This discusses a reaction to the gun control debate. 

I am convinced that the left's war on the Second Amendment has nothing to do with public safety (even if some of their foot soldiers believe it individually, and even though the argument is renewed frequently, especially but not exclusively if a gun is used in a crime).

The leaders, however, know that if fundamental transformation becomes complete, and their brand of communism is finally installed in America, allowing their totalitarian impulses to be released, it will require the installation of the usual leftist police state to maintain their power and control, complete with re-education camps and all the rest, and there will inevitably be revolts against the new regime.  After all, this is "the land of the free and the home of the brave," and many people are proud of that. 

Suppression of what is considered a birthright (thinking for oneself) will be resented.  Thus, the war on guns is nothing more or less than our aspiring progressive oppressors' pre-emptive attempt to get guns out of the hands of those who are most likely to revolt – those who prefer freedom to "Daddy, may I?"

An example: Did you notice that in the recent debate about gun control, prompted by yet another school shooting in what was a gun-free zone, even the children at the center of it have championed the idea that the legal age to purchase guns should be raised to 21 on the grounds that people younger than that are not mature enough to be trusted with gun ownership.  These people have not also argued that if immature 18-year-olds can't be trusted to own guns, they should also not be trusted to vote. 

On the contrary, for the sake of consistency (not exactly a mainstay of leftist politics), there is now a new push to extend voting rights to 16-year-olds.