Watching John Adams

A few years ago, I purchased the John Adams HBO series and watched the whole thing over a rainy weekend. It's amazing what you can do during a long "rain delay" theater. As a naturalized U.S. citizen, I've always had a passion for everything about U.S. history.  I think the U.S. is the greatest nation in history.  It has done more good for mankind than anyone else.  Its sons have liberated millions, an important point to remember this weekend. The U.S. economy has brought boundless prosperity to more people than anything else. This great nation opened its arms to our family and gave us a chance at a new life.  It has given me so much.  Therefore, I don't stand quietly when people take cheap shots at the U.S. Let me recommend that you revisit the John Adams series.  It will cost you seven hours, but the dividends will be tremendous. The main character is John Adams,...(Read Full Post)