Want school safety? Start placing veterans at schools

Like many Americans, I am praying for the Texas families who woke up this Saturday morning without their child, grandchild or niece/nephew.  These families have unwillingly joined the hundreds of other families around the nation who will now live with the fact that their child was gunned down inside a school and their child is never coming back home from school for family dinner. This is a hole in their hearts that can never be repaired.  I join with the many people in my community here in Philadelphia in saying that school safety needs to be a top priority for every elected official at the municipal, state, and federal level.   When it comes to school safety , I don't agree with proposal of arming our teachers. Teachers are hired and trained to enrich the lives of our youth — not to defend them with a firearm. Every teacher that I've talked to in Philadelphia is strongly opposed to keeping a firearm in their classroom. However, they agree with my...(Read Full Post)