TSA must pay $ 1 million to whistleblowers it retaliated against

President Trump has been handed an ideal example to reinforce his drive to reform civil service laws. Using executive orders (his pen and his phone, as his predecessor put it), he has just implemented three reforms, but those can be reversed by the next Democrat in the Oval Office. It is time for him to place bureaucratic abuses on the national agenda. The Transportation Security Agency is working hard to deserve its reputation as a useless, ineffective agency that consistently fails tests of its ability to spot guns and bombs, but which harasses (and feels up) grandmothers, while delaying airline passengers from getting to their gates on time. As one of the least popular federal bureaucracies, its misbehavior can be used to justify reform. And it has just been found culpable in a doozy of an abuse of bureaucratic power. It is one thing to be ineffective, but much worse to resist and punish when employees attempt to identify and fix problems. Yet, that is what the...(Read Full Post)