Sunday Schadenfreude: California Dems thrash around on their great blue wave

In the year of their so-called blue wave, California's Democrats, ensconced in the bluest state in the union, are in the midst of what the New York Times leads with "mushrooming political chaos across Southern California."

Couldn't happen to a nicer group of leftwing powermongers.

Apparently, so many leftists have gotten word of a great blue wave for Democrats this year that there are too many of them running. With Democrats creating a top-two system for a runoff in November, that means they are cannibalizing each other. Funnier still, nationally, they need to flip California's seven retiring Republican seats in Southern California blue or no takeover of the House for them. Their whole strategy is built on that, and that is where they are thrashing around.

Now they've got chaos for themselves, and might just see Republicans win as a result.

Here is what the New York Times is reporting:

With so many Democrats running, the party’s fear is that the vote will be splintered, allowing Republicans — who have fewer candidates — to dominate some primaries. The party and allied groups are spending more than $4 million on just three campaigns, intervening in one contest to prop up a favored candidate; attacking a Republican from the right in another; and even reminding people not to waste their votes on “ghost candidates” who have dropped out yet remain on the ballot.

As any progressive activist will explain through gnashed teeth, the head-snapping scramble is because of the state’s “top two” open primary system, which allows the two leading vote-getters — regardless of political parties — to advance to the general election.

It's nice to read this stuff because all the Dems are doing is flooding us with TV and radio ads here in Southern California, throwing forward one callow 29-year-old after another with leftwing ideas and zero willingness to admit the gamy details about what they want to do to us. If it's not that, it's someone claiming to be an ex-Marine who made his fortune as a land developer, a very unpopular profession in SoCal given how such fast-buck jerks pay off pols to get what they want and then dump congestion and horrible planning on top of us, ruining our quality of life, as they make out. Loathesome people in themselves, doubled by the fact that they are leftwing.

As a result of this chaos, which they have yet to resolve (it exists on the Republican side, too, but the GOP shows signs of coming together on John Cox for governor), we have the amazingly icky specter of Gavin Newsom, former mayor of San Francisco, doing crazy stuff to win the top spot in the gubernatorial runoff - by boosting GOP candidate John Cox.

The ads are amazing, get ready to clutch your pearls:

Cox is endorsed by Donald Trump!

Oooh! Terror!

Cox favors, are you ready, tax cuts!

Cox supports the NRA!

As if those things won't get more people onto the Cox bandwagon to vote for him.

Those are actually what we see on television in the Newsom ads.

The Los Angeles Times explains it out as Newsom's strategy to get Cox on the second slot of the ballot for November, cynically convinced that there is no way in heck Cox can win the race against pretty boy him.


The Times says even if all Republicans vote for Cox and half the independents do, there is still no way Cox can win.

All I can think is: Don't push your luck, pals. California has elected Republicans in the past 20 years and might just do it again, given the horrors of one-party state and all the corruption around the issue of succoring illegal immigrants.

Nothing would be nicer than to see Newsom's masterplan to knock out his fellow Democrat challengers and face Cox backfire on him badly.

If the Republicans play their cards right, and one has to hope they are on it and not sleeping as they usually are, it could be the Mother of all Surprises in this overhyped blue wave that is supposedly poised to counter the great Trump phenomenon. Thrash on, blue bozos.








Image credit: Sander van Dijk, via Flickr // Creative Commons SA 2.0