Starbucks decides to turn its cafes into homeless shelters

When people go into a Starbucks, often the first thing they smell is roasting coffee. That's about to change. Starbucks, stung by phony charges of racism when two black men were arrested for camping out in a Starbucks without making a purchase, has changed its official policies. From now on, not only is anyone welcome to use a Starbucks bathroom without making a purchase, but the public is also welcome to come in and sit at tables and never buy anything. The implications of this are obvious. Some people will use tables as personal offices and never purchase anything. Table space, already at a premium, will be largely unavailable for paying customers. What will that do for sales? But even worse, in urban areas which have large homeless populations, guess who will come in and camp all day? The unpleasant appearance of the homeless, combined with their smell, will drive customers out of Starbucks. I am convinced that this will be the end of Starbucks. This is a gross...(Read Full Post)