Saving Tommy Robinson (and English civilization)

Tommy Robinson faces the near certainty of assassination while being held in the general prison population at Hull Prison, following his arrest outside the courthouse in Leeds, where he was making a video about the trial of a Muslim grooming gang underway inside.  (For background, see this and this.)  Thanks to the gag order preventing the British press from reporting on his case, only help from overseas can bring pressure and raise funds for his defense. Make no mistake: the entire U.K. government and establishment are committed to cultural suicide, by surrender to jihad, allowing no criticism of the spread of sharia law in Britain, and suppressing those who dare expose the costs.  Recall that talk show host Michael Savage has been banned from Britain for supposedly causing "unrest" by remarks critical of jihad.  He cannot be jailed, but Tommy Robinson can.   An American Thinker contributor...(Read Full Post)