Go ahead, 'NFL stars' – make my day

Here is a threat I really hope is acted upon.  It is time for a reality check for millionaire athletes who feel oppressed.

From Danyal Hussain of the U.K. Daily Mail:

Several NFL stars are reportedly considering not playing until Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid are signed by teams. 

According to columnist Shaun King, the protesting players are hoping that up to 25 per cent of the league will join them in sitting out.

I gave up on the NFL a while ago, but I still watch college football, and there are a lot more good players than there are slots on NFL teams.  College games manage to attract crowds as big as or even bigger than NFL stadiums.

The NFL owners have finally come to their senses – after major declines in attendance and TV viewership – and adopted a rule that players who are on the field during the National Anthem must stand for it.  Surrendering to demands that certain players be hired would be a good way to lose even more fans than the league already has.

Let the fools besotted with victim status sit out the season and be replaced.  They will soon discover that the other jobs available to them pay a lot worse.

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