Recalling the origins of Memorial Day

Tomorrow, the US officially recognizes Memorial Day. But the origin of a day to remember our fallen heroes was originally set aside as May 30, and the story of the man largely believed responsible for starting the tradition is a remarkable testament to the healing power of remembrance. Nine years ago, I penned a tribute to former Union General John Logan, a pro-war Democrat, whose leadership of the veterans group Grand Army of the Republic set the stage for his passionate advocay of formally remembering the fallen during the Civil War. Popular with the men under his command, Logan was a rarity - a commander the men could trust. They sensed his concern for their welfare as Logan made it a habit of visiting the company mess to taste the food himself. If he found it inadequate, he’d dress down the company commander and order him to fix the situation. Usually it was something simple like changing cooks or cleaning the cooking pots once and a while. In addition, Logan...(Read Full Post)