Protesters in Iran favor Reza Pahlavi

Close to 40 years after the establishment of the Islamic Republic, the people cry for the Reza Pahlavi.  This is reality as we all have witnessed in recent protests in Iran: people have been shouting for him to come back and save them from the brutal Islamic regime. Let's be clear on one thing, many people are under the assumption that Mr. Pahlavi's ambition is to revive the monarchy in Iran.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  He has often asserted that his first and only goal is to free Iran from the hands of vicious mass killers: the mullahs and their cronies.  He has no ulterior motive other than doing what he can to help his countrymen in Iran and his willingness to become the necessary catalyst to dislodge the current brutal regime. He has been advocating a referendum for people to decide for themselves what type of government they desire.  "Iranians are the ones who decide their own...(Read Full Post)