Iran's occupation of the Middle East

The Iranian regime has two "main characteristics."  The first is exporting terrorism and warmongering.  The second is the brutal repression of the Iranian people. In truth, at the present time, especially after Iran's nuclear deal failure, the Iranian regime in its entirety is invested in its extensive meddling in the Middle East. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) plays the leading role in fueling major wars in the Middle East, including the current wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Lebanon. The IRGC started its strategy of meddling in the region in 1990, following the establishment of the Quds Force.  The regime's inner circles describe the Quds Force, considered an official IRGC unit, as the "center of an international Islamic army." The Iranian regime's embassies in most Arabic and Islamic countries, especially Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Afghanistan, are specifically controlled by...(Read Full Post)