In Ireland, St. Patrick weeps

Ireland's stunning vote to amend its constitution to end equal protections for the born and unborn, opening the gate to abortion on demand, pretty well ends its exceptionalism among nations and makes it just another European Union state with that organization's rootless values. It's sad, because up until now, the country has been unique, its founding values derived from its ties to the Catholic Church. The Church in fact, seems to have failed by failing to stand up for its values, leaving the internationalist state to take over. How George Soros, the stateless statesman who bankrolled much of the early abortion effort, has to be smiling. So how did it happen? Apparently, the pro-abortion side won by bringing up hard-case anecdotes, in the Lady Diana-style of the region, appealing to emotion - and having won on those narratives, now opens the floodgates to abortion on demand. The pro-life groups tried to counter that with an appeal to soft emotions, saying their...(Read Full Post)