How Ronan Farrow became a killer of progressive giants

Ronan Farrow, a 30-year-old scion of Hollywood, has taken down two giant figures in American culture and politics: Harvey Weinstein ("God," according to Meryl Streep) and New York A.G. Eric Schneiderman (who threatened to criminalize Trump associates and possibly even Trump himself with state convictions that are beyond the presidential pardon powers).  Along the way, Farrow has embarrassed feminists and the Democratic Party establishment, along with the media that knew and remained silent about both miscreants.  He has also had a disproportionate impact on Democrat office-holders, while making the alleged boorishness of President Trump toward comely women seem trivial in comparison. All this, and a Pulitzer Prize, too, for a young man who, so far as anyone knows, is not a conservative. Ronan Farrow (cropped from a U.S. State Department photo). How on Earth could this happen, and what does it mean?  Yaron Steinbuch of...(Read Full Post)