Trump tweets that he will greet Pompeo bringing North Korean hostages home at Andrews at 2 AM

Not only is the rescue of three hostages from captivity in North Korea an excellent sign for the coming meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong-un over ending the nuclear program of the rogue state, but it is a diplomatic triumph for the president coming on the heels of his historic decision to junk the JCPOA deal with Iran.

President Trump tweeted minutes ago:



The meeting at Joint Base Andrews (the president used the old name for it) will be as dramatic as one can imagine, with joyous hostages profusely thanking the president for rescuing them (implicitly rebuking President Obama).  It is a made for TV moment, absolutely irresistible for the morning television news-talk shows.

Never forget that President Trump was the most successful reality television producer in the history of the medium.

One other thing to never forget is that the North Koreans feel no moral force impelling them toward honorable behavior.  This could be misdirection, or a softening up, or a trick of some sort.  But it comes shortly after the Chinese again called Kim Jong-un to China to work on him for the forthcoming meeting with Trump.  They might be equally tricky, planning some disaster for Trump an America, but they also have a strong interest in preventing Japan from acquiring nuclear weapons a guaranteed outcome of prospects for North Korean success at building a nuclear arsenal, not to mention the acquisition of nukes by Taiwan, which they clearly plan on taking over at some point.

All the smarty-pants, veteran diplomats, journalists, and "experts" who warned against Trump's North Korea initiatives now look even stupider.



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