Dems harassing Gina Haspel: Virtue-signaling bullies

The Senate Intelligence Committee held its confirmation hearing on Gina Haspel on Wednesday.   As usual, the Democrats on the committee behaved badly, like the virtue-signaling bullies they are.  Like all leftists, they profess to care equally for known terrorists like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed -- the mastermind of 9/11 that took the lives of nearly three thousand people that day and many, many more deaths of the first responders in the ensuing years -- and law-abiding agents of our own intelligence agencies. Screen grab from CBS News These Democrats, like Jack Reed, Mark Warner and Kamala Harris, think the American people agree with them, that terrorists should never be interrogated using "enhanced techniques, " like waterboarding.  KSM was waterboarded numerous times.  It did not hurt or kill.  He knew it would not hurt or kill him.  He eventually gave up crucial information.  To suggest the...(Read Full Post)