Democrats cheat Democrats

James Clapper admits there was an "informant" in the Trump campaign, but nobody on the left hears a word he says.  Goodness, how could we think the highly placed, highly moral, highly ethical leaders of the Democrat Party would do anything out of place, immoral, or unethical?

We remember when no less an authority on everything than Democratic senator Elizabeth Warren accused the DNC of rigging the 2016 nomination process.  When the Massachusetts lawmaker was asked on CNN whether she agreed that party officials had conspired with Hillary Clinton, she replied, "Yes ... the Clinton campaign did rig the presidential nominating process by entering into an agreement to control day-to-day operations at the DNC."

Old news, one may suppose.  Democrats cheated other Democrats.  They cheated what could charitably be termed the feeble-minded Bernie Sanders branch of their own party, but rig and cheat they did.

Article after article defends the cheaters within the FBI, the DOJ, and the independent counsel.  Claims that Trump has eroded public confidence in these fine, upstanding institutions without reason or cause can be found in every other political column, but these assertions ring hollow. 

Clapper admits there was an informant; Warren admits that the Democrats cheat. 

If confidence in the FBI is eroded, it is not because of what Trump has said.  American confidence has melted away because of actions the FBI and DOJ have taken or failed to take.

It looks as though the stain of cheating has blemished every inch of the Democratic Party.  It is one thing for Democrats to cheat one another.  It is another thing to allow Democrats to forge their duplicitous behaviors within the arteries of institutions we rely upon for truth and justice. 

Democrats love other Democrats, yet look at what one group of Ds did to another group of Ds just to gain power.  They rigged and cheated, and they admit it.

Think of what the Democrats will do to you if they get away with it.

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