Democrats and their faith in negativity

Name an American construct, and the left will immediately drape it in negative energy. Consider the right to vote.  The Democrats will promptly speak of voter suppression and eccentrically claim that blacks are confused about where to get an identification card.  There is a video in which a fellow asks people in a largely black community where the closest DMV is; everybody knew the answer and offered directions.  These people laughed at the notion that they could not get an ID.  Yet blacks have put their faith in a Democratic Party that has no faith in them.  From some angles, it appears that the Democratic Party has broken up black families, jammed good people into hopeless ghettos, and saddled citizens with grossly underperforming schools of no choice.  All of this serves to perpetuate the negativity Democrats need to maintain control of these communities. It is obvious that the Democratic Party has no faith in the...(Read Full Post)