Caravan illegals enrage other migrants by cutting into the line

After the big splashy build-up, along with a few middle fingers at Uncle Sam, the leftist illegal migrants of the famous caravan have gotten several of theirs into the country as asylum-seekers, where, if they are anything like other illegals, they are sure to disappear into the gang-infested Central American neighborhoods of Los Angeles, where they can experience the same gang violence they are purportedly running away from back in Honduras, and then not show up for their parole hearings.

One problem: There are other migrants awaiting to enter as asylum-seekers at the Tijuana border, and these caravaners have cut in front of them.

Get a load, from the report filed by the San Diego Union-Tribune's estimable Sandra Dibble, who actually checked out what was going on on the ground over there:

But while members of the caravan wait, so are other asylum seekers, and they have been growing increasingly upset, complaining that caravan members were trying to enter ahead of people who have been waiting for more than a week.

"The ones from the caravan are trying to break the line," said René García, who said he is from the state of Michoacan, and had been waiting for eight days for a chance to walk up to the port and present himself for asylum.  Others in the group include Hondurans, Venezuelans and Haitians, he said.

It rather resembles the fights among illegals that have taken place over the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals issue.  The non-DACA recipients are angry that they are being ignored and view the DACA recipients as getting special treatment.

What it points to is the lack of fairness in the immigration system.  For every group muscled through by the left with its vast publicity machine of handpicked sob stories for the press, there are countless others who are being pushed aside, punished for their faith in the U.S. process and adherence to the rule of law.

It has to make them feel like suckers for waiting in line and not just jumping the fence, as some caravaners have done, or joining with the leftist organizers and empowering that group with more numbers.  There's an incentive problem here.

The question to ask is why this nonsense is going on.  If the caravaners want to apply for asylum (and since most of them are military-aged young men traveling alone, they had better not get asylum), let them do it same as normal people do.  There is a line in Tijuana, and the line is already long.  I don't understand why this bunch got special treatment, and someone up the chain of command in the Trump administration needs to start explaining himself.  If the caravaners were real asylum-seekers, they would do what real asylum-seekers do, which is apply for asylum in their first safe country of refuge, which happens to be Mexico.  That question is going unanswered, as is the issue of why these publicity-seeking caravaners are now getting preferential treatment in the asylum line.

The whole point of President Trump's stance on immigration is to restore a sense of fairness, equal treatment, and rule of law to the immigration process.  The left yells "racism," but it's not racism Americans are calling for in this.  It's just basic rule of law.  Now we are seeing special treatment even from the Trump-led government.  What's going on here?

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