At mid-terms, Republicans must pin down weaselly Democrats on Obamacare

Democrats are acting squirrelly about the nightmare of Obamacare. The ones running for office in the coming mid-terms are employing a uniformly gray policy of vagueness concerning health care and the much-detested Affordable Care Act, which has slashed choices, raised costs, destroyed privacy, and generally lowered the quality of life for consumers stuck in that market. Axios has the story here: Here’s Arizona Democratic Senate candidate Kyrsten Sinema with an example of how Democrats will be talking about health care in the midterms: vaguely. Her language: In an ad released yesterday, she talked about the need for “affordable” health care with the “lowest cost prescriptions.” She also says she wants to “fix what’s broken in the system, not go back to when Arizonans had no say about their health coverage.” Between the lines: You can reasonably read “fix what’s broken” and “not go back” as...(Read Full Post)