The hideous Democrats who would succeed the great Darrell Issa

Nobody likes the fact that Rep. Darrell Issa, one of the brightest lights in Congress, is retiring at the end of this term.

But if there ever was a case of insult added to injury, take a look at what is planning to succeed him: two revolting leftists, both of whom are loaded for bear on campaign dollars and spending up a storm in television advertising several months out before the midterms.  Since I live in San Diego, I have to listen to this drivel during the dinner hour.

First up is 29-year-old Sara Jacobs, who comes from a lot of money, presumably giving her her election advertising dollar advantage.  In her repeated ads, she comes out as "not one of the old boys" (flash to President Trump, a man elected only a year ago as the ultimate outsider) and someone who "doesn't look like" the rest of Congress, making a play as a rich white woman, for the minority outsider identity politics label, as if there have never been women elected to Congress.

Then she defends the idea of keeping Obamacare, obviously convinced no one in her wealthy district has ever had to experience the nightmare of Obamacare.  She also defends the Planned Parenthood chop shops, which is about par for someone of her socioeconomic status.

Not a word about illegals, which in San Diego is a major issue, given its ground-zero geography at the busiest U.S. Mexico border crossing.  Also a curious lack of appeal to supposedly motivated Millennials, which she might appeal to.

It does gets interesting when Jacobs brags about having worked at the State Department making policy under President Obama (as if that were a good thing), yet the San Diego Union-Tribune has already exposed that as résumé inflation.  Turns out she worked as a near-entry-level contractor at a firm called IEA, which was explicitly prohibited from making policy, although given the casual disregard for the law of the Obama administration, maybe that didn't stop her.

Here's the kicker from the U-T, which accidentally reveals just how spoiled-little-rich-girl and entitled Jacobs actually is (emphasis mine):

If Jacobs is elected and serves the term to completion, her two years in Congress would be the longest she has held a job, according to her resume. Between various internships and regular positions, Jacobs had about 35 months of international affairs experience before she started at IEA in February 2014. She stayed with the contractor for about 19 months, and then later worked for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Oh, gawd.  This?  To replace the brilliant Darrell Issa, who was a distinguished business entrepreneur well before he ever entered Congress?  Just say no.

Here's another one who needs a "no" vote: Paul Kerr, a guy who does exactly what Rahm Emanuel has advised Democrats not to do, which is run on an impeachment ticket against President Trump.

That's his shtick, something he hopes will win him Issa's congressional seat, given that he can't appeal to identity politics or Millennial voters as a 62-year-old white man.  Worse still, he is that most loathed of creatures of the San Diego political scene, loathed ever since I was a child in the 1970s: the hated real estate developer.  Those are the people blamed for profiteering off the high congestion, high housing costs, sweetheart deals, and declining quality of life that excessive pop-up urbanization of San Diego has brought us.  Well, Kerr, running on his impeach Trump ticket and call for socialized medicine, is compensating for his past on that with his absurd television ads.  Just say no again.

Two others are running on the Democratic side, neither of whom is bothering us with ads.  Doug Applegate, a Marine colonel who narrowly lost to Issa in 2016, is supposedly in the race, along with some left-wing environmental attorney named Mike Levine, whose claim to fame was sharing a dorm with Chelsea Clinton while they were both at Stanford.  Applegate might have a chance, given that others of his profile have been elected to other congressional offices in the special elections, but who knows?

Not one can compare to the great Issa, who represented the district so very well.

We have yet to hear from any of the Republicans.  It's hoped they won't stay scarce this time.  San Diego was the last red city in America, and while it has recently shifted blue, there is still a lot of conservatism around in these parts.  Issa's seat is a coastal one, so it will be a hard challenge.  But if a strong Republican runs, it might just hold on a little longer.  Anything to spare us from the likes of leftist idiots like Jacobs and Kerr.

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