The 'car wash' in Brazil adding more detergent

Down in Brazil, there is something called "car wash" going on.  It is the Brazilian "drain the swamp" movement! This week, former president Luis Ignacio Lula got washed big time.  This is via Babalu Blog: Brazilian Justice decreed the freezing of the assets of former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, his institute, and one of his companies for the payment of a millionaire debt, confirmed his defense today. A court in Sao Paulo ordered to paralyze the assets of the former president, the Lula Institute, and the LILS company, in charge of conference management, to guarantee the payment of a debt of about 30 million reais (8.8 million dollars) with the state. The defense of Lula said in a statement that within the framework of the operation "Lava Jato" the state wants to deny the former president "any possibility of defense by depriving him of his assets and resources to guarantee a tax debt that is...(Read Full Post)