Saudis admit paying for jihad

In an interview with the Atlantic, Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman revealed that Saudi Arabia has financed terrorism.  Most people will ignore this.  The U.S. left has successfully colluded with jihad against national security.  That is also part of Robert Mueller's mission: to cover up and protect jihadist infiltration, espionage, and sabotage during the Clinton-Obama years.  See the Awan espionage cell placed in the House Intelligence Committee, with the plausible collusion of Mueller, Comey, Brennan, and Clapper.  It was much too obvious not to be noticed, and the House Democrats, including Debbie Wasserman Schultz, literally ignored the need for vetting.  This was not an accident. 

Mohammed bin Salman is trying to modernize and hold down the jihad-sponsoring and paying faction, which apparently involved Walid bin Talal.  However, in Islam, there is no such thing as a permanent peace.  There is only "hudna," or a temporary truce with "the enemies of God."  In Turkey, the jihad faction came back when Recip Tayyip Erdoğan was allowed to win his first election with the collusion of the E.U., which insisted on international recognition of this "election" of a paleo-fascist party, the party of neo-Ottomanism (self-described).

Trump has gotten the Salman faction in S.A. to turn against the Sunni jihadist faction, but in S.A., basically a tribal federation, nothing completely changes.  Same as Turkey, etc. 

For that reason, exposure of Mohammed bin Salman's admission of guilt always has to be considered tactical.  This is not a governing hierarchy; it's an unstable tribal gang with a fantasy of conquering the world.  The left loves jihad for that reason, and we are facing a left-jihad coalition.  Now we know that Facebook and Google have been set up as political players from the start, that they provide shelter for Obama radicals who are constantly plotting to overthrow Trump, and we see the new Soros foundation with something like $50 billion from Soros.  We are still seeing a new version of old-style Marxist-Leninist imperialism.  Obama is a third-world socialist.  The internet is the natural domain for that style of imperialism, and they don't disguise their willingness to use A.I. and planted electronics in individual homes under extranational "laws" to exercise control.  Europe is seeing a revolt against this, since Victor Orbán and the Hungarians are afraid of Soros and have seen Soviet imperialism in the memory of living individuals. 

Americans are soft targets: they have been told never to believe in political conspiracies, which do exist, and which are in fact the continuation of old infections.