Jimmy Kimmel's boorish 'apology'

Since when do apologies end with a bath of insults?  Only when a leftist is involved.  So now we have Jimmy Kimmel's non-apology apology to Sean Hannity and the gays that we are supposed to take as sincere.  Sorry, not buying. This whole brouhaha followed Kimmel's grotesque imagined verbal pictures on Twitter of Hannity and President Trump engaged in gay sex, following Hannity's call-out of the ABC late-night host for his obnoxious abuse of first lady Melania Trump for not having an accent like his.  Hannity didn't seem to have that much trouble wrestling with a pig, but the gays were insulted, and there was talk of lost viewership and consumer boycotts.  Hence the "apology."  I wrote about it here. This is the so-called apology: re. @seanhannity pic.twitter.com/DMtWJTMsDU — Jimmy Kimmel (@jimmykimmel) April 8, 2018     What we have here is a...(Read Full Post)