James Comey, the smiling weasel

Have you ever wondered how people of the caliber of James Comey ever rose to the lofty heights of the Department of Justice and the FBI?  After all, these are two of the premier agencies of the federal government, known for attracting talented and dedicated people. It should now be evident that Comey never should have been entrusted with serious law enforcement powers and responsibilities, based on his sneaky, partisan, weaselly behavior, his lack of candor, and his willingness to bend the rules. Recall that Comey was presented to the American people as enjoying wide bipartisan respect, with sterling reputation, and was easily confirmed as FBI Director by a shocking (in retrospect) 93-to-1 vote. (It probably will be no surprise to you that the only senator willing to oppose the next FBI chief and stand against the tide of adulation was Rand Paul.) So how does a self-righteous prick get so far in life? The answer, I am afraid, is based on the iron law of bureaucracy. No...(Read Full Post)