Trump chose wisely, ignoring the White House Correspondents Association hatefest

President Trump held a rally in Michigan on Saturday night while the DC media establishment held their annual White House Correspondents Association Dinner.  The latter is the event where every year some leftist host is chosen to spew what is always a joyous celebration for the leftist media at which those on the stage bash all things Republican, conservative and decent.  Trump wisely chose not to attend last year and did not attend this year.  

As everyone knows, the night is meaningless, an open-mic night for anti-Republican jokes that are really just insults.  But the jokes have become cruder and ruder year after year.  One thing about the left is certain, written in stone:  they are vicious, malicious and filled with hatred for all things not radically leftist.  This year was, as last year, a doubling down on the vulgar. 

Who was this year's host, Michelle Wolf?  A young alleged comedienne cast-off of the Daily Show that no one watches.  Most people who may have tuned into the MSNBC coverage of the correspondents' dinner had never heard of her.  Good call on their part; she has an x-rated mouth.  She is humorless, classless, graceless and an embarrassment to her profession.  She relished insulting people like the fabulous Sarah Sanders while Sarah is sitting in front of her.  Who does this?  Only heroes of the left.  Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer have been doing it for decades.  John Tester did it this past week.  He maligned a good man without a shred of evidence.  Like the fabricated fake "dossier," Tester made it all up to sabotage a good man, Ronny Jackson, for political expediency.  He will suffer the consequences.

The American people are not remotely as dumb as the DC establishment thinks they are; nor are they as crass.  Most of them, millions of them, did not watch last night's televised abomination, and if they did, were horrified by the smutty tone of the evening.  This is the left exposing itself as the lowlifes they are.  The mystery is why were people like Hugh Hewitt in the audience?  Why did he not get up and leave? 

Ms. Wolf is attractive to look at but difficult to hear.  Her voice is shrill and whiny.  She sounds like a little girl spewing disgusting, scatological profanity.  Her content is obscene.  Is this what politics have come to?  Apparently so.  This event was broadcast on MSNBC, of course, the network that airs Joe and Mika, Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow.  NBC has no allegiance to the truth or any sense of decorum.   The network is wholly dedicated to undermining the Constitution as written.  Those powers that be there are Marxist ideologues, like Obama, and mean very seriously to destroy America as founded.  Ms. Wolf went a long way toward further demeaning that network and our culture. 

Nothing Michelle Wolf said last night can be quoted here.  She should not be quoted anywhere.  Her verbal abuse of the President and the people in the room was nothing short of degenerate.  The left has always been caustic when attacking conservatives, but with this event they crossed a line into gutter obscenity.  Ms. Wolf is an embarrassment not only to the left but to all of America. 

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair."  (Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities)

 Dickens pretty much summed up the political mess that is the American scene today.  While Trump was raising the spirits of his supporters in Michigan, Michelle Wolf was hoping for a winter of despair and a season of darkness.  Only when Americans are desolate, is the left happy and proud.

Image credit: Natural News, via Vimeo