James Comey: The lawyer or the mobster?

There are many fine lawyers with whom those of us who watch cable news programs are familiar: Alan Dershowitz, Joe DeGenova, Victoria Toensing, Jay Sekulow, Sidney Powell, Jeanine Pirro, Gregg Jarrett, etc.  (Jeffrey Toobin of CNN is no legal analyst; he is merely a mouthpiece for the leftist CNN line.)  They all, these real experts on the Constitution and the law, have one thing in common.  They know the law.  They cite the Constitution with ease because they know it well.  Their analyses of any legal discussion are sprinkled liberally with citations of federal law and the Constitution.

These people, and the thousands of others who are equally devoted to the Constitution and the enforcement of federal law, know it and revere it.  They know that it is the basis of our civil society.

The oddest thing about James Comey's tedious interview with Clinton lackey George Stephanopoulos was that he did not sound at all like a lawyer, let alone a federal prosecutor or director of the FBI.  He sounded more like a bad actor on a stupid daytime soap opera.  His entire frame of reference is himself, his feelings, his speculations, his superior values, his actual superiority to the rest of us.  The man is nothing but a walking, talking infomercial for James Comey.  There appears to be nothing else to him.

He answered questions seventy times with the phrase "I don't know."  Never do the good lawyers named above answer, "I don't know."  When Stephanopoulos asked if Comey should have told President Trump that the Clinton campaign had commissioned and paid for the "dossier, " Comey shockingly said, "I don't know."

He never cited a single law.  He never mentioned the Constitution.

Not only did this man never deserve to be a federal law enforcement officer, but he was certainly never qualified to be the director of the FBI.  He absolutely deserves to be under a criminal referral to the DOJ.  He has lied, dissembled, and admitted to conducting investigations based on political polls.  He has obstructed justice both in the Clinton investigations (Uranium One, the Steele dossier, Fusion GPS) and in the fabricated Trump-colluded-with-Russia investigation.  He should be indicted for all these crimes, as should the others named in yesterday's referral: McCabe, Strzok, Page, and Clinton. 

And as Daniel Sobieski made so wonderfully clear here, Hillary had better stop blaming white women for listening to their husbands when deciding for whom to vote.  Comey clearly listened to his wife, as did McCabe, when it came to how they ran investigations.  Now we all know who runs the show in both of those homes.  Mrs. Clinton will be forever in denial about the women who found her deplorable: white women, black women, old women, and young women, married or single.  She is as cold and calculating as Comey is clueless about his own arrogance and incapacitating narcissism. 

Many Americans have long wondered how it is that people who are the least qualified somehow rise to positions of power over the rest of us and then are held to different standards, to lesser standards.  The list of laws broken by those at the helm of the Obama administration is lengthy.  Clapper lied to Congress and has not been held responsible.  John Brennan is likely the author of the Trump-Russia collusion lie, along with the Clinton campaign, and orchestrated it beginning in the summer of 2016.  This cabal had no intention of letting Trump be elected.  Once he was, they doubled down to insure he would not be inaugurated.  Since he was, they've all gone to the mattresses, to borrow a mob phrase.

Comey comically likened Trump to a mob boss when, in truth, it is he and his fellow gangsters in power who are behaving like a mob.