Is Hillary Clinton going insane?

Something about this past election seems to have driven Hillary Clinton off the edge. She's been last seen reminiscing about an "alternative reality" in which she could've, would've, should've. been elected president at a friendly women's club in Manhattan. According to the Daily Mirror: Hillary Clinton thinks she deserves credit for “accelerating” the #MeToo movement through her humiliating loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. Clinton visited the women-only club “The Wing” in New York City Tuesday to relive the election and offer excuses for her defeat, the latest stop in a years long tour to explain “What Happened” in 2016. “Someone at @the_wing just asked Hillary Clinton: ‘In an alternative reality, if you were president today in 2018, do you think the #MeToo movement would’ve still happened?’” a Twitter user posted Tuesday, along with a video of...(Read Full Post)