Is Hillary Clinton going insane?

Something about this past election seems to have driven Hillary Clinton off the edge.

She's been last seen reminiscing about an "alternative reality" in which she could've, would've, should've. been elected president at a friendly women's club in Manhattan.

According to the Daily Mirror:

Hillary Clinton thinks she deserves credit for “accelerating” the #MeToo movement through her humiliating loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

Clinton visited the women-only club “The Wing” in New York City Tuesday to relive the election and offer excuses for her defeat, the latest stop in a years long tour to explain “What Happened” in 2016.

“Someone at @the_wing just asked Hillary Clinton: ‘In an alternative reality, if you were president today in 2018, do you think the #MeToo movement would’ve still happened?’” a Twitter user posted Tuesday, along with a video of Clinton’s response.

“I believe that it was a wave that was building and building and building,” Clinton said. “I think my losing probably accelerated that wave, but the wave was coming.”

Leave aside the nonsense that the enabler of serial-adulterer Bill Clinton who smeared his accusers could have anything in common with the start-up of the #MeToo movement, brought on by the same sort of behavior by her good friend Harvey Weinstein.

Hillary Clinton in Arizona, 2016  / Photo by Gage Skidmore / Flickr

What's vivid here is ... do we know any other past presidential candidates who obsessed about the loss of the contest to the extent she did? She's been at this more than a year, as the Daily Mirror notes. Did Walter Mondale continuously get in front of the audiences to talk about losing the election to Ronald Reagan? Not at all. He went on and did other stuff - teaching, the law firm, promoting democracy, and some of it, such as serving as an ambassador to Japan, quite good. Did Michael Dukakis do this when he lost to President Bush? No. He went on with his life and got himself elected governor again of Massachusetts, doing more of what in his own mind was doing public good. How about John Kerry? Instead of remembering him as as failed presidential candidate, we now remember him as a failed Secretary of State. He redefined himself, and not as the guy who lost the race. The same with John McCain. He's now known to us as an annoying Senator, not a former GOP candidate. Sarah Palin, of course, is now known to us as herself, not a former vice presidential candidate. 

But Hillary is another case altogether. She seems to live to re-live those memories of that presidential campaign, the one where she was beset by health problems and failed to go to Wisconsin, and it seems to be burning her up. She wrote an ill-advised book, and she's taken her grievances abroad, as she did when she re-stated her problems with all those deplorables who voted for Trump, especially the women voters who only voted for what their husbands told them, as she put it. Now she's re-living the experience again.

Yes, it's disappointing to lose an election you thought you had in the bag. But what we are seeing here is someone at this late date who is unable to move on at all. She has no hobbies, no law firm to return to, no teaching posts to embrace, no office to run for. And with Bill in Little Rock with all those reputed honeys, it must be stagnant and lonely. Obviously, her entire life was about politics and when she lost the election, she was left with nothing. Now, she makes her living on making controversial statements and cheering on establishments such as the Manhattan club for women.

This doesn't sound healthy for her.

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