Google hectors us over phony issue of equal pay

What's gotten into Google? A gander at its page today includes something it has never done until now: inserted a tiny little link on its home page to advocate for the seemingly fine-sounding issue of equal pay for women, which takes us to a full-blown political advocacy video of the left-wing stripe we expect from Google.  The people at Google did it small, as if to draw attention to it. Make no mistake: a floodgate has opened.  I suspect we are going to be getting a lot more of this any time we try to use Google's search engine.  Allowing these people to monetize our data apparently wasn't enough.  Now they want to hector us. The fact of the matter is, women's pay inequality is America's most bogus issue.  Adjust the data for time in workforce, part-time work to tend kids, and other factors, and women don't come up short at all.  This editorial in Investor's Business Daily...(Read Full Post)