Cory Booker disgraced himself questioning Pompeo

See also: What a Crumby Thing for Cory Booker to Say Once upon a time, Cory Booker posed as a dedicated reformer running against a corrupt political establishment.  An Academy Award-nominated documentary about his first run for political office portrayed him in a heroic light and led to his becoming mayor of Newark, and on to the U.S. Senate, representing the Garden State.  But since tasting the waters of Washington, he has fallen about as far as a politician can, from hero to hack. During Senate confirmation hearings for Mike Pompeo's nomination as secretary of state, Booker made an ass of himself, shamelessly posturing as a social justice warrior scoring points with special-interest constituencies.  Two somewhat contradictory lines of question preoccupied him. First, Booker posed as an advocate of religious liberty, angrily quoting something Pompeo earlier said about the need for Muslims to speak out against jihad terror...(Read Full Post)