Elizabeth Warren gets a taste of her own cooking from CFPB's Mulvaney

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau chief Mick Mulvaney must be the brightest star, and certainly the most entertaining guy, among President Trump's appointees.

Instead of melting into the swamp and becoming part of its ecosystem, he's resolutely out of it, standing on a boat with a pole, and ready to shove a taste of the swamp things' own soup down their gullets.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air has a terrific description of what he did on Capitol Hill this week, trolling Congress:

When Mick Mulvaney served in the House, he tried to warn colleagues that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was too independent of Congress.  Now that he's running the CFPB, Mulvaney wants to demonstrate just how correct he was.  For the second straight day, the acting director has told a congressional panel that he can just sit in front of them all day and ignore their questions, and there's nothing they can do about it[.]

It was such a nice touch that Mulvaney directed his refusal to answer questions to Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the godmother of this hideous operation, leaving her licking her wounds and yelling of her care about consumers, which was never the point of the CFPB, as it has always been just a leftist slush fund.  But there was more:

Mulvaney delivered the same message to the House yesterday.  In testimony before the Financial Services committee, Mulvaney pointed out that the enabling statute for the CFPB only required him to show up when asked.  Otherwise, he could just as well twiddle his thumbs or answer e-mails rather than answering any questions from Congress:

So, mimicking a union thug, which is a perfectly recognizable way of communicating with Democrats, Mulvaney jacked with the pious Democrats who created this monster and gave them a taste of their own medicine.

It's right in line with Mulvaney's entry to the job of CFPB director, which the Democrats attempted to usurp as an entrenched position of theirs, given its de facto valuable role in financing left-wing causes.  The leftists failed, getting Mick instead.

Back then, I wrote this here:

What Trump is battling is an unaccountable agency run by the Democrats and for the Democrats with the aim of funding more Democrats.  It's a shakedown racket targeting banks and other moneybags businesses based solely on the size of their assets to harvest from fines.  It was never about protecting consumers.  It was never about oversight.  It just amounted to a slush fund for Democrats that as set up cannot be reformed.

A long, worthy piece by a Ronald L. Rubin, a former enforcement attorney at CFPB, in National Review, lays out the problems as only an insider's account can.

Conceived as a government watchdog with noble aims, the CFPB was doomed by a structure that made it an inherently political agency.

is how he summed this leftist racket up.

The Democrats under President Obama designed the agency first conceived by Elizabeth Warren so that it would be nominally independent and nominally bipartisan[,] and of course, be solely devoted to looking out for consumers.  In reality, CFPB is unaccountable to the voters and their elected leaders, with its funding under the purview of the Federal Reserve, which is independent itself, instead of the Congress.

Then its creators designed the agency so that no Republican could ever enter it.

Well, one did, and now the fox is shaking up the chicken coop, with feathers fluttering.  Let's have more of this from Mulvaney, who is schooling the Democrats in the meaning of the non-democratic norms of their own creation with the very establishment of the CFPB, back when they thought they would be in power forever.  He understands these guys, and now they're eating crow.  Go, Mick!

Image: Rick Berry, U.S. Air Force.

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