Cloture rule must be abolished to build the wall

In 2013, Harry Reid changed the Senate rules on cloture to require a majority vote instead of 60 votes to confirm federal judges, except Supreme Court nominees. Reid did this to confirm Obama appointees.  He did it because Obama wanted his nominees appointed, and Reid supported his president. Cloture is the procedure to end discussion of a bill to bring it to vote.  It now requires 60 votes to end discussion, usually referred to as filibuster, which will allow 30 hours of discussion instead of endless discussion.  Cloture was first adopted in 1917 to require a two-thirds vote to end discussion.  It was changed in 1975 to 60 votes. The most famous filibuster was the Democrats' filibuster of 57 days to delay and try to block the 1964 Civil Rights Act. President Trump ran and won on his promise to build a wall on the southern border.  But he cannot get funding for the wall, and the spending bill he just signed allocates...(Read Full Post)